Rubber Steak Knife Acid



Between working frantically on my youtube TV installation I have finished off a track that me and a mate called Andy started one rainy afternoon. Andy’s pretty awesome at the old techno though he won’t admit it because he’s faaaaart too nice to be in your face with that kind of stuff. Anyway me and Pete who together form A.C.I.D decided we should let him in the band and this is his first track with us. Andy programmed the bass lines which came off my x0xb0x and Native Instrument’s Massive while I made some simple ‘pippy’ drums on my Jomox XBase09 which Andy augmented with some 808 samples in Battery. Basically we grooved around my studio for a few hours a fortnight ago in Ableton Live making a big loop which I padded out into 7 minutes of repetitive funk over the last two weeks. I added the lead synth line while Andy was in the studio off a Juno 60 which coincidentally was Andy’s till I bought it off him last December for £400. The Juno’s a lovely synth and there’s buckets of sounds to explore inside it’s simple architecture, here I was using all 3 oscillators and keeping the amplitude envelope’s sustain down low while twiddling the decay and release knobs. When I was fleshing the track out I went for dub delay drenched sound inspired by Kruder and Dorfmeister after Pete said that when dry the Juno sounded too trancy. The delay lines, all 3 of them, came from from Reaktor‘s echomania ensemble which is a personal favourite of mine and a one stop dub delay shop. The low tone in the background and the high pads came off my two Waldorf Pulses as did the reversed wooshing sound at 3:50. A heavily filtered FM8 sample made into the first break down and I think that was pretty much it.

Andy and I were both really inspired after listening to M.A.N.D.Y At The Controls mix album (probably one of the best cd’s I’ve bought, definitely in the top 5) and we were going for that kind of minimal tech house kind of style. I don’t know if the dub delay crowded the mix too much but either way I’m pleased with the results. Check the track below and let us know what you think.

Rubber Steak Knife Acid

About the name, the bass is kind of rubbery, the beat is sort of meaty and the lead line is sharp, simples.

8 Responses to “Rubber Steak Knife Acid”

  1. Groove2Groove


    we are currently looking for new retro tunes.
    can you leave me a myspace link?

    Pat @ g2g

  2. Staas

    Nice track – the sort of “easygoing restrained tension” throughout works especially well I think (had not expected that after the humongous smiley). After listening twice, my personal favorite moment @ 6:40 :)

  3. crx

    Cheers Staas, there’s a chance of getting some stuff released which is awesome if it happens, fingers crossed.

  4. bunji

    Listened to that track finally mate.
    Pretty good but pushes my £400 speakers far too hard.
    MAke music that my speakers can handle in future please.

    Sub laps it up though.

  5. bunji

    More I listen to it the more I get into it.
    I reckon I need to fill my stands, that way everything might stop shaking.
    I’d say there is ever so slightly too much ‘grime’ to it. It’s a little too sludgy.
    It was pretty mad that I just dont get the long, low tone in the car at all. It only becomes audible through the sub…

  6. crx

    I’m mixing it down again this weekend for groove2groove and hopefully it’ll get released on this nu skool acid compilation along with another track we’re finishing off so I’ll check for grime then. The low tone is one of those things you only notice when you take it out.

  7. bunjiq

    That’s awesome.
    Yeah, the car can’t handle low notes well.
    There are currently only 2 bits of music that have nailed the B&Ws though – this and something from Aphex Twin Ambient Works vol.2.
    So you should be proud :P

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