Acieeeeeeeeed Sunrise

10,000 Hours in MS-Paint

10,000 Hours in MS-Paint

A new track is here, a new dawn rises on the world of acid based music as blah blah blah. My ears are ringing from mixing all weekend so I’ll cut to the chase, here’s the track.

Acid Sunrise

This track grew out of little riff that I had programmed in to my x0xb0x when experimenting with ridiculously long slides. Andy and I bopped and grooved for about 3 hours in the studio while recording variations on it, mainly tweaking out shit loads of distortion off Brian Castro’s excellent x0xi0 back panel mod. At the same time I came up with a melody on the Juno which Andy knob twiddled all over, riding the filter like porn stars ride big black cocks. This left us with a shit load of wavs and no real structure, so we gave the whole thing to Pete for a fortnight. Pete started looping tiny sections of the Juno’s sunshine sound and created the rythmic pad element that is the key to the whole track as well as coming up with some really nice drum patterns. We then got back together and worked out a 6 minute slow burning acid build up that busts out into low pass filtered joy by the end of the track.

I really enjoyed making this but it has come at some cost, I’m pretty sure my upstairs neighbours hate me. They’re new to the house and don’t have the same tolerance for repetitive bass heavy sound at all hours of the day as the previous tennants. As well as the typical foot stomping in protest (maybe praise ??) at my band’s output at one point all out sound war was declared as the brought a power drill into their room above my studio and tried to out do me. Fuckers.

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