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Collaboration with Sharon Kelly

For the last year, on and off, I’ve been collaborating with the visual artist Sharon Kelly. Sharon has a keen interest in running and she draws on this in her art. The collaboration fell out of a chance conversation we had about the possibility of fitting her up with some accelerometers while she was running… Read more »

Journey through a burning brain

Last Saturday as part of the 2009 Symposium on user generated content, interaction and design I had the opportunity to road test my installation piece ‘Journey through a burning brain’ which until I was forced to choose a title for the printed materials was previously known as my ‘youtube TV installation’. Similar to my previous… Read more »

Rutt Etra Jitter Synth – Now here !

As promised earlier this week here is my Jitter Rutt Etra video synth stripped down and prepared for general consumption. Try experimenting with the wet/dry mix for some interesting feedback action along with the zoom and rotation values, angles likeĀ pi divided by integers lead to some interestingĀ patterns. Get stuck in. Jitter patch: