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Journey through a burning brain

Last Saturday as part of the 2009 Symposium on user generated content, interaction and design I had the opportunity to road test my installation piece ‘Journey through a burning brain’ which until I was forced to choose a title for the printed materials was previously known as my ‘youtube TV installation’. Similar to my previous… Read more »

MTE1007 Assignment 2 Help

I gave a tutorial today to half my class on how to get started with their second MaxMSP assignment. Just to make things fair on those that didn’t come I’ve posted a tidier version of where we ended up. Remember this patch doesn’t do everything you will need to include in your final patch to… Read more »


This isn’t strictly speaking news and I don’t know how to post date wordpress entries so I can’t put this where it should be chronologically speaking but BLOODY HELL would you look at that roast! My lurvely gf cooked me this last month before we both went home to our respective families for Christmas. I… Read more »