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Pretty city ping pong (retrospective)

After meeting Peter, who runs Belfast’s PS2 gallery, about showing some of my PhD pieces there, he asked me to do ‘something’ with their ping pong table for Belfast Culture Night. Naturally I thought to myself ‘I’ll piezo mic it and do bonk detection’ and use the player’s actions to drive some interactive sound and… Read more »

‘Sounds like home’ installation footage

Haven’t edited it all together yet but here are some videos of my two installation pieces at Belfast’s PS2 gallery, it’s still open tomorrow if you haven’t been yet…

Forthcoming installation in Belfast’s PS2 gallery.

From the 20th to the 25th of August I’ll be showing some of my works in Belfast’s PS2 gallery. This’ll include a radio, a TV some remote controls and a recreation of my living room. For the show I’ve rebooted my Journey Through a Burning Brain patch from way back in 2009 and gone to… Read more »