Pitch tracker for double bass in development

Here’s a sneaky peek at what’s going on in the Rob cave this week (it’s not all lolcats here).

Screenshot of my development computer working on pitch tracker software

It's all javascript and frantic patching, note the number 40, suspicously close to the frequency of bottom E ....

The pitch tracker half of my midiCV box is getting some heavy development time as I try and squeeze it out in time to write a paper on it by the end of the month. At the moment I’m just playing it recordings of my double bass as I can no longer be arsed to get up, pick up the bass, and play it every time I want new data. Good job I fitted that line input then! One thing I’ve learnt is that javascript in Max is an excellent place to roadtest ideas before going to the bother of coding them in C and uploading them on the Arduino’s firmware. Expect a more detailed blog post and videos soon.

3 Responses to “Pitch tracker for double bass in development”

  1. Staas

    Hi there, interesting projects you’ve posted on… the pitch tracker reads like a lot of pain so good luck developing!

  2. crx

    Yeah it is, harmonics are a bitch but I’m very nearly there (or as close to the limit in terms of time I can spend on this).

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