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Pastoral Acid EP

    My EP came out on the Bohemian Club today. You can buy it here.  

New acid house track done

Pretty pleased with this one as it feels like an improvement both in terms of tune and mixdown. It’s based on the skit I posted here Hangover acid medley. This is the first track I did on my Atari using Notator, normally I’m a Cubase 3.1 kind of guy but I thought I’d see how… Read more »

Hangover acid medley

Made this this afternoon in my home studio that’s been transplanted in to PS2 project space for the week as part of ‘Sounds like home’, was fun knob twiddling as people walked past outside, got some interesting reactions off gear heads. It’s my first track with my dreamy droney new TG-33. I’ll come back to… Read more »

Euclidean sequencer max4live version now here!

Alright I got a bit distracted by other things and I forgot that there were people out there who really wanted this thing. What can I say, I get chronic blog fatigue.  I also wanted it to be good and to have preset recall and interpolation so I stalled on the initial release, then the… Read more »