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Euclidean algorithmic beat generator

After stumbling upon an interesting thread on the max forums, reading Godfried Toussaint’s interesting paper on the subject and checking out some other similar creations across the internets, including a vst, ruby and lisp implementation I decided this sounded interesting enough to devote some time to and perhaps a good excuse to learn some scripting… Read more »

Acieeeeeeeeed Sunrise

A new track is here, a new dawn rises on the world of acid based music as blah blah blah. My ears are ringing from mixing all weekend so I’ll cut to the chase, here’s the track. Acid Sunrise This track grew out of little riff that I had programmed in to my x0xb0x when… Read more »

Rubber Steak Knife Acid

Between working frantically on my youtube TV installation I have finished off a track that me and a mate called Andy started one rainy afternoon. Andy’s pretty awesome at the old techno though he won’t admit it because he’s faaaaart too nice to be in your face with that kind of stuff. Anyway me and… Read more »