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Euclidean algorithmic beat generator

After stumbling upon an interesting thread on the max forums, reading Godfried Toussaint’s interesting paper on the subject and checking out some other similar creations across the internets, including a vst, ruby and lisp implementation I decided this sounded interesting enough to devote some time to and perhaps a good excuse to learn some scripting… Read more »

MTE1007 Assignment 2 Help

I gave a tutorial today to half my class on how to get started with their second MaxMSP assignment. Just to make things fair on those that didn’t come I’ve posted a tidier version of where we ended up. Remember this patch doesn’t do everything you will need to include in your final patch to… Read more »

Homebrew midi-cv box

After having built a x0xb0x this summer which I fitted with Brian Castro’s x0xio back panel mod I decided a good project to make would be to make a midi-cv converter box. Although the x0x comes with it’s own midi in, the firmware is a bit tempremental and I was getting a lot of skipped… Read more »

Introducing the ir2midi box

Introducing the ir2midi box, this was a pretty simple project based around the now ubiquitous Arduino microcontroller and a rather handy i.r. receiver chip I picked up for next to nothing from Sparkfun.