Euclidean sequencer – Max for Live version

Some people have expressed an interest in my Euclidean sequencer patch getting ported to max for live. Ummm, it’s like nearly there. Any minute now, look…

Image of euclidean sequencer running in live

Euclidean sequencer ported to max 4 live.

I’ve been playing with this little baby for a week now, the algorithmic sequencer works nice. Programming wise I’ve been getting bogged down in preset management but after having decided to ditch live’s presets and just stick with max’s xml files it’s nearly there. I wish the live number boxes had settable max and minimum parameters but they don’t.

This is my first patch in max for live and the new purchase is nice and everything but I can see it just being another barrier between me and music making. That and the fact the sparse documentation just confuses me leaves me grumpy. Ho hum.

14 Responses to “Euclidean sequencer – Max for Live version”

  1. aco

    hello great code hacker 🙂
    still waitin for u´re great app.
    the last 2 years i´ve been dreaming about it.
    one of the best rhythmgenerators-tight!- on the market!!!
    i need it……………………………….:-)
    there are some more idea´s about it…i´d would be great for a

  2. aco

    yeah,yeah, the old gringo comes in groove…
    you did a simple wonderfull thing…respect.greets from berlin.
    soonly i give you a link to listen how your baby rocks,hehehe
    and finally, sure tomorrow you get a good gift of mine-donation 4x
    thank you

  3. frank

    hi there!

    that thing looks simply amazing! is there any chance to download to play with it?

    best from berlin,

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