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Euclidean sequencer max4live version now here!

Alright I got a bit distracted by other things and I forgot that there were people out there who really wanted this thing. What can I say, I get chronic blog fatigue.  I also wanted it to be good and to have preset recall and interpolation so I stalled on the initial release, then the… Read more »

Euclidean sequencer – Max for Live version

Some people have expressed an interest in my Euclidean sequencer patch getting ported to max for live. Ummm, it’s like nearly there. Any minute now, look… I’ve been playing with this little baby for a week now, the algorithmic sequencer works nice. Programming wise I’ve been getting bogged down in preset management but after having… Read more »

Euclidean beat generator redux

After developing my euclidean beat generator for use in my Journey through a burning brain exhibit and reading some of the feedback from other users, I have developed some new features. This version is fully pattrstorage compatible allowing interpolation between beat presets. This came out of a conversation I had with a user I met… Read more »

Journey through a burning brain

Last Saturday as part of the 2009 Symposium on user generated content, interaction and design I had the opportunity to road test my installation piece ‘Journey through a burning brain’ which until I was forced to choose a title for the printed materials was previously known as my ‘youtube TV installation’. Similar to my previous… Read more »